Consumption Junction

Consumption Junction

Consumption Junction is about the paradoxical intersection of environmentally sustainable activity and daily acts of consumption. The works of art gathered together for this exhibition and book share a conceptual language that addresses a range of topics from excessive spending, pollution, and urban infrastructure to alternative transportation, suburban sprawl, and recycling. They offer insightful cultural criticisms and whimsical, imaginative alternatives set somewhere between reality and fiction. In all cases they suggest the need for a worldwide environmental movement that responds to our ecologically precarious moment. 


Amy Chan, Guy Debord, Design Management AS, Dan Graham, Komar & Melamid, Learning Group, Nicola López, Scott Massey, Miss Rockaway Armada, Ester Partegás, Tim Rietenbach, 5.5 Designers

Published by Bureau for Open Culture, 2007
Designed by Nate Padavick
52 pages
8.25 x 5 inches
out of print

Curated by James Voorhies

Made possible with funding from Columbus College of Art & Design