Last Year at Marienbad redux

Last Year at Marienbad redux

Last Year at Marienbad redux takes the form of an expanded exhibition guide to communicate the visual continuities, subtle overlaps and conceptual intersections among the works of art, design and architecture experienced in the exhibition of the same title. This book is part one in a combined two-volume publication produced as part of the project.


Keren Cytter, Tacita Dean, Jessamyn Fiore, Dan Fox, Jens Hoffmann, Iman Issa, David Maljković, Ján Mančuška, Gordon Matta-Clark, Josh Tonsfeldt, Allan Sekula & Noël Burch, and Maya Schweizer

Published by Bureau for Open Culture, 2013
Designed by Nate Padavick
80 pages
11 x 6.67 inches
out of print

Curated by James Voorhies